GEPPS™ value

Real Time Location system

H&D Wireless has developed a state of the art location service. GEPPS™ supports several wireless technologies such as UWB, BLE, RFID and Wi-Fi. Depending on what accuracy, cost, battery life time and real time experience is required H&D Wireless can recommend the right technology to use for your application. Wristbands, tags to be set on clothing, assets or gods is available in different form factors. The tags transmits/receive radio frequency signals that the infrastructure (Sensepoints) gathers and report to the cloud. The cloud use complex algorithms to calculate the actual position on a regular basis. The positioning service works equally well for moving as for still items or persons. The user can monitor the service through iOS or Android visitor APPs as well as enterprise terminal through Web.

Cashless payments

The GEPPS™ wristband has an integrated RFID-chip supporting Mayfair readers and other standard RFID readers. GEPPS™ has an easy to use REST API for smooth integration to a wide range of POS. GEPPS™ wallet display all purchases and holdings to the user in the visitor iOS or Android APP. When assigning money to a wristband the POS make a purchase that will be reported as a lumpsum to Griffin™ Cloud server. For each spending/purchase a visitor do the POS will report the category, time and price of the item to GEPPS™. Visitors can easily find and manage all purchases in the APP.

Exploria center

GEPPS™ has been installed at Exploria Center. The facility is located just outside Stockholm in Sweden and is Europe’s largest indoor amusement park with a wide range of attractions. The total area is 20 000 m2 and has a play area that is larger than 6 000 m2. GEPPS™ installed at Exploria facilitates a nice and safe visitor experience both for kids and adults. Kids wearing wristbands can easily be located by their parents looking at their smartphone APP ”Exploria Center” or by staff looking at enterprise GEPPS™ Visualizor tool.